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a flatbottomed jar made of glass or plastic

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a cup (usually without a handle)

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Fill a beaker with as many white puffins as possible, counting them as you fill it.
Additional components, such as a boxing unit or direct web printer, can be integrated in the packaging solution for the additional processing of the beakers.
50, M&S Red checked shirt, PS24, Debenhams; silver butterfly necklace, as before, daisy-print jeans, PS40, Topshop; pink trainers, PS22, Superga; printed flask, PS16, striped beaker, PS12 for set of four, both Cath Kidston Blue daisy dress, PS68, Oasis; straw hat, PS20, Accessorize; picnic throw, PS20, printed flask, PS16, tupperware, from PS10, striped beakers, PS12 for set of four, all Cath Kidston; straw picnic basket, PS90, Debenhams
Obtain coffeemaker or microwave, water, tape, large rubber band, 8 equal-size test tubes, 2 beakers, and 2 thermometers.
Strawberry plastic beakers, glasses and jug, from EUR4.
From the 24th century BC, the two graves are among the oldest Bell Beakers graves found so far in Britain.
It incorporates the latest industrial PC technology; individual temperature and dye program control for each of 18 beakers; a rotational system; automatic chemical auto-dosing for each beaker, and low liquor ratio dyeing.
Beakers as old as this one are generally decorated quite simply but during the 18th and 19th centuries the decoration became increasingly elaborate, often featuring landscapes, people or whole hunting scenes, as well as silver rims.
REMINISCENT OF ANTIQUE beakers, the Double Sided Liquid Measuring Beaker from All-Clad eliminates the need for multiple measuring tools and has a patent-pending design.
Austerity ruled and rationing was the order of the day and I had two or three of these beakers and played with them as toys.
Equipment: bottles, water samples, microscopes, petri dishes, eye-dropper,clean slides, paper towels, glass beakers, cover slides
Many moons ago, I worked in a metallurgical lab for Honda Motorcycle in Ohio, and we mixed our etchants with a magnetic mixer featured on a small heater (for beakers, etc.
They can create a chemistry experiment showing the intricate set up of beakers, tubing, flasks and burners, design a complex electrical circuit with magnets and motors or highlight different aspects of the earth during solar eclipses, or with the gravitational pull from the moon.
It's hard to work out whether this is a dip in intelligence or simply that children who can manipulate iPods can't be bothered to understand beakers.
The Tox Ambassador--a scientist visiting from a nearby university--squeezes several drops of blue dye into three different-sized beakers of water.