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The first aniline dyes were limited by the need to use a substance known as a mordant to fix the dye permanently to the textile fiber, a requirement that added an extra step to the dyeing process.[5,6] In 1883, an obscure young chemist named Paul Bottiger found a more direct method.[7] At the time of his discovery, Bottiger was working in the dyestuff chemical laboratory of the Friedrich Bayer Company in Elberfeld, Germany.
In the mid-1880s, however, price conventions and raw material availability deteriorated in the German dye industry, so the Bayer company invested in scientific research to diversify its product range.
One of Schmiedeberg's many talented pupils, Heinrich Dreser (1860-1924), ended up as head of the pharmacological laboratory at the product-hungry Bayer Company in Elberfeld.
Bayer Company, known worldwide for its aspirin products, also manufactures a fiber material, Dorlastan.
One is nifedipine, marketed as Procardia by Pfizer and Adalat by the Bayer Company. In its long-acting form, it can safely be used to lower blood pressure over time.
According to a new study just completed by PacifiCare Wellness-Company in cooperation with the Bayer Company and Stanford University, a comprehensive wellness intervention program can produce long-term and sustaining health benefits throughout a community.
Polysar joins another Bayer company, Mobay Corporation of Pittsburgh, in the North American rubber business.
Makrolon MG (Machine Grade) polycarbonate sheet engineering plate is an amorphous thermoplastic material that offers high impact strength, high modulus of elasticity, and excellent dimensional stability, according to Sheffield Plastics, a Bayer Company. Described as providing good mechanical and electrical properties and a 270[degrees]F (132[degrees]C) heat deflection temperature at 264 psi, Makrolon MG is UL 94-V0 rated, with good dielectric properties.
Furthermore, the Bayer company operating in the U.S.
Sheffield Plastics, Inc., A Bayer Company, 119 Salisbury Road, Sheffield, MA 01257; (800) 457-1707; fax (800) 457-3553;
Deerfield Urethane, Inc., a Bayer Company, reports that its Dureflex elastomeric thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film, in thicknesses of 1 mil and higher, is enabling the production of nonallergenic gloves for medical, laboratory, food service, electronic manufacturing, and related applications.
Dan O'Farrell has been appointed health, environmental, and safety coordinator for Deerfield Urethane, Inc., a Bayer company, located in South Deerfield, Mass.
Deerfield Urethane, Inc., a Bayer Company, has expanded its lines of Dureflex aliphatic polyurethane film and sheet products for security glazing interlayer applications.