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an oral drug (trade name Baycol) to reduce blood cholesterol levels

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n Baycol (Cerivastatin), prescribed to treat high cholesterol.
To date, the statin drug family has grown to include atorvastatin (Lipitor), cerivastatin (Baycol), fluvastatin (Lescol), pravastatin (Pravachol), rosuvastatin (Crestor) and simvastatin (Zocor).
The tragic consequences of OcyContin, Neurontin, Paxil, Accutane, Baycol, Aprotinin and Vioxx speak clearly to the dangers of long-term cumulative effects that have emerged only after extended periods of time in the market place.
2003) (defining fraudulent misjoinder as joining of claims without sufficient factual nexus to satisfy the permissive joinder standard, and finding no fraudulent misjoinder); In re Baycol Prods.
Six additional statins have been approved for sale in Canada, one of which, Baycol, was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in 2001 after it was linked to at least 50 deaths worldwide caused by a serious and potentially fatal muscle disorder.
One statin drug, Baycol, was taken off the market a few years ago after 37 persons died of kidney damage.
Likewise, Rezulin targeted the obesity and diabetes epidemic in this country, (37) as did Baycol (an anti-cholesterol medication associated with muscle damage) and Fen-Phen and Redux (diet drugs associated with high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries and heart valve injury, respectively).
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but later deemed to be unsafe, including Rezulin, Fen-Phen, Vioxx, and Baycol. In 2001, Bayer Pharmaceutical's Baycol, a cholesterol-lowering drug, was withdrawn from the market under the cloud of approximately eight thousand pending lawsuits.
The acquisition could prove to be a major impetus for Bayer, which has encountered difficulties since its 2001 withdrawal of Baycol, an anti-cholesterol treatment, over safety concerns.
We've come a long way since 2001, when another major statin--cerivastatin (Baycol)--vanished from the market in the wake of reports of a serious side effect called rhabdomylysis (rab-doe-my-LIE-sis).
All 20 defects involved a lipophilic statin (atorvastatin, cerivastatin (Baycol), lovastatin, or simvastatin).
Bayer's cerivastatin (Baycol) was also a synthetic statin, but it was removed from the market because of side effects.
The anticholesterol drug cerivastatin, sold under the brand name Baycol, was the most potent medicine in its class in the late 1990s.
Last year, for example, Bayer appeared oil the list, for, among other things, bilking Medicaid of hundreds of millions of dollars, paying students to consume pesticides as a test, keeping its anti-cholesterol drug Baycol on the market despite reportedly possessing evidence of its hazards, and dumping tainted blood-clotting medicines in developing country markets.