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common Indian weaverbird

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These trees are also an ideal habitat for Baya Weaver birds.
Conversely, White- browed Crake - Porzana cinerea (0.46 +- 0.32 birds/ha), Jungle Myna - Acridotheres fuscus (0.39 +- 0.16 birds/ha), Pheasant-tailed Jacana - Hydrophasianus chirurgus (0.35 +- 0.23 birds/ha), Common Flameback - Dinopium javanense (0.32 +- 0.11 birds/ha) and Baya Weaver - Ploceus philippinus (0.31 +- 0.17 birds/ha) were the rarest species in the lotus swamp habitat.
Bird Density in Open Water Body: The five highest densities in the open water body habitat were recorded for Jungle Myna - Acridotheres tristis (8.43 +- 2.07 birds/ha) followed by Yellow-vented Bulbul - Pycnonotus goiavier (8.17 +- 2.92 birds/ha), Lesser Whistling Duck - Dendrocygna javanica (7.72 +- 4.17 birds/ha), Spotted Dove - Streptopelia chinensis (5.56 +- 1.58 birds/ha), and Baya Weaver - Ploceus philippinus (5.44 +- 2.71 birds/ha).
In continuation of the crackdown against illegal poachers and birds sellers, the IWMB also confiscated more than 160 wild birds including Spotted Munia and Baya Weaver from Jinnah Super Market which were then released in the wild in the presence of the IWMB officers and staff.
The collection also included images of hanging bridges in Hunza, bull racing in Fatehjang, a panoramic view of Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, the road to Passu, Noor Mahal in Bahawalpur, Kof mountain goats at the Khunjerab Pass, a sunset in Sukkur and the Baya weavers in Islamabad.