Ross Sea

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an arm of the southern Pacific Ocean in Antarctica

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He said: "The Bay of Whales is the most terrifying place I've ever swum.
My fingers in absolute agony 300 metre Lewis swam in " But he said: "I'm obviously delighted with the accomplishment and am looking forward to trying to beat this record in the next three weeks at Cape Evans and then the Bay of Whales.
He will have more than just cold to worry about during the final two swims - at the Bay of Whales in the Ross Sea and Peter I Island in the Amundsen Sea.
The journey to the Bay of Whales, named by legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton on a record-breaking southerly voyage in 1908, was organised with EYOS Expeditions.
However, because Scott so grossly misjudged the difficulties of manhauling (along with other equally damning misjudgments), he and his men were still out on Beardmore Glacier well into the onset of the Antarctic autumn and long after Amundsen and his party had successfully returned to their base at the Bay of Whales.
The first will be Island on ed by Cape bruary 19, at Campbell Island on Friday, followed by Cape Adare on February 19, Cape Evans three days later, Bay of Whales on February 28 and finishing at Peter I island on March 7.