Bay of Fundy

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a bay of the North Atlantic between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

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The Bay of Fundy is a critical habitat for the mammals, although this year, they have shifted slightly further north to the Gulf of St Lawrence.
The Bay of Fundy is one of the few places in the world where whales can swim past your doorstep, a regular occurrence in the largest island, Grand Manan, a 90-minute ferry journey from St Andrew's on the mainland and operating in its own little world.
BEAUTIFUL SIGHT A humpback whale's tail flukes in the glistening Bay of Fundy
From his early education about the sex lives of krill in the Bay of Fundy to a krill tattoo gone awry, Professor Nicol uses humor and personal stories to bring the biology and beauty of krill alive.
The Bay of Fundy (BOF), a branch of the Gulf of Maine (GOM), is a linear water body trending northeast between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in eastern Canada (Fig.
The island is located where the Bay of Fundy meets the Gulf of Maine, right at the border of Canada and the United States.
They paddle in Lake Winnipeg and Carson takes a mud bath in the Bay of Fundy. Annie buys souvenirs in Niagara, whereas Carson leaves some in the grass.
As well as eating, there are adventure sports to be tried, extraordinary natural phenomenon to watch (such as the tidal bore wave in the Bay of Fundy), and wildlife to be spotted everywhere, from whales and bald eagles to tiny crabs and sea anemones.
A train photographer and author based in Nova Scotia, Ness tells the story of the Dominion Atlantic Railway, a small local railway reaching from Halifax to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia by way of the Annapolis Valley and along the Bay of Fundy shoreline.
Two of the feature articles in this issue focus on the Maritime provinces: Carleton's Book of Negroes: A Ledger's Legacy, by Stephen Davidson UE, and In the Wake of the Loyalists: Retracing Their Path Across The Bay Of Fundy, by Dr.
Stuart Brown, chief executive at FloWave, said: " Our test tank is capable of replicating both EMEC and the Bay of Fundy at scale.
In addition, the storm surge would have been much lower because the shoreline is straight in contrast to the juncture of the New York and New Jersey seacoasts, which form a funnel so that water is bunched up and rises higher, just like the normal tide entering the Bay of Fundy in Canada increases several fold as it travels upstream.