Bay Stater

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a native or resident of Massachusetts

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However, there was one adjective the modest Bay Staters didn't use nearly as much as they should - the best.
We now have an obligation to our fellow Bay Staters to hold candidates accountable for their words and actions as lawmakers.
Like his father, Mitt was a liberal governor, in his case imposing on Bay Staters his RomneyCare socialized-medicine scheme.
Offered the chance to see "average taxpayers' taxes fall while the rich pay more," Bay Staters have rejected the siren call of envy.
In dismissing critics of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision as having "almost no idea of what they are talking about,'' the Telegram & Gazette's editorial board reveals its contempt for the more than one million Bay Staters, including Telegram & Gazette readers, who in town meetings, at the ballot box, and through a nearly unanimous vote of their elected state legislators have called for a constitutional amendment overturning the decision.
Nancy backs up her definition with something she found on the internet that claims Bay Staters (people from Massachusetts) and Ohioans such as she use the term.
It's about 280 miles between these two beacons, and in between lies a population of Bay Staters that is extremely diverse.