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United States writer of children's books (1856-1919)

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Miss Baum's mother alleged that on July 17, 2016, she informed two officers that she was concerned for her daughter's safety because of threats made by Davies.
Mr Baum, who was born in Middlesbrough, bought his first property in North Ormesby in 1949, a little shop in Smeaton Street selling paraffin.
An IPCC spokesman said: "We are independently investigating North Wales Police's contact with Emma Baum.
"New, long-term corporate level net leases provide the buyer with passive income while having minimal maintenance responsibilities," explains Greg Dietz, Managing Director of Baum's Investment Sales Team.
"The entire industry is in the throes of a seismic digital shift, where access to information is more important than ever before," Baum said in a statement.
Elsewhere during the set, Baum's deft arrangement of Byard's "Toni'' blended into the pianist's "Gaeta'' and was preceded by an announcement that flutist Baum is now the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.
Baum: There are a few categories where private brands have not explored much in the way of differentiation, and the low penetration for private brands in these categories reflects an opportunity to innovate.
"A hunter and gun collector, a Jew, and a liberal Democrat, Dan Baum is a wonderfully guileless and open-minded guide to American gun culture.
Vincent Foy, an ardent defender of the Catholic faith in Canada, recently published a critique on the excommunicated former priest Gregory Baum, a former Catholic theologian who attended Vatican Council II.
Mirante, II, principal of Avison Young, announced that real estate research and marketing veterans James Delmonte and Elliot Baum have joined the company's newly established office in New York City.
Building upon his earlier important texts The Psychology of Genocide: Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Rescuers (Cambridge, 2008a) and When Fairy Tales Kill: The Origins and Transmission of Antisemitic Beliefs (iUniverse, 2008b), and his numerous authored and co-authored articles and conducted surveys (see his extensive bibliography in this volume, 226-242), psychologist Steven Baum has attempted the near impossible: to proffer an explanation of the world's longest hatred--antisemitism.
Baum. "I might use a foam on the hands because it is less sticky; I'll use sprays with different types of nozzles to penetrate areas that are hard to reach."
Baum has served as an advisory board member, speaker, investigator, or consultant for Amgen, DUSA, Galder ma, GlaxoSmithKline (Stiefel), Intendis (Bayer), Merz, and Ranbaxy.