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an army unit usually consisting of five companies

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Through the Armys force planning process they were identified as the unit best suited to contribute to eFP battle group in Poland.
NATO battle groups intended to strengthen the security of the alliance have been deployed to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland since early this year.
EU nations take turns to maintain two battle groups of around 1,500 troops each on standby for emergencies.
Federico Bonato made the first part of his speech in Turkish and at the end thanked the former commander of the Turkish Battle Group and appreciated his commitment to achieving a difficult mission.
Forming European battle groups could help ensure such massacres never happen again.
The EU is preparing 10 battle group units drawn from different member-states.
This can increase the range at which enemy targets can be engaged and also provides a common air defense picture that permits operational commanders in the battle group to make more effective decisions on force deployment.
Trident battleships would certainly not he the equivalent of carrier-centered battle groups.
Lower altitude, shorter duration airships more closely resembling the Sanswire 2A are envisioned to be able to provide communications in times of emergency or could be used for border patrol, surveillance, and as a communications bridge to naval battle groups or between ground troops.
During Exercise Iron Wolf 2017 the NATO eFP Battalion Battle Groups and allies for the first time trained together with the NATO eFP Battle Group deployed in Poland.
The European Union has created a series of battle groups designed to implement EU defense policies.
The differences have meant that the battle groups have never been used in action.
DEFENCE Minister Willie O'Dea came under fire last night after saying Irish troops could join EU battle groups.
In July 1965, HU-2 was redesignated HC-2, and although it continued to fly a variety of missions, increasing emphasis was placed on plane guard and logistics support for carrier battle groups.
aircraft carrier battle groups have been dispatched to the western Pacific near Taiwan, the Americans have not said whether they plan to pass through the international waters of the strait separating Taiwan from China's Fujian province.
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