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Synonyms for battery

Synonyms for battery

group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one place

a collection of related things intended for use together

a unit composed of the pitcher and catcher

a series of stamps operated in one mortar for crushing ores

the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target

an assault in which the assailant makes physical contact

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Battery Park is where thousands of New Yorkers and visitors gather every year to depart to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and other harbour activities.
Latin jazz singer Adela Dalto, Mario Torres (concert organizer), Yomo Toro, Jose Nieto (Hitt-tv founder), Adalberto Santiago and Orlando Marin during the closing summer concert event in Battery Park
Buildings of a more humane size and context would surround this green space, but one wonders whether any of the architects considered the nearby parks and gardens in Battery Park City which seem ample enough to serve the community without more vast green areas for the city to maintain.
Relaxing on the lawn can also be enjoyable, as the lawns of Battery Park are beautifully maintained.
Named after its use as a high security storage facility for military armaments, Battery Park became the location for lowcost housing projects, in the democratic spirit of the famous statue visible from its shores.
In honor of October's National Book Month the students at Kumon of Battery Park City have joined with 1,000 other Kumon students throughout Manhattan to host a book drive.
NEW YORK -- American Water's Applied Water Management Group has received New York City Department of Health certification for a state-of-the-art wastewater recycling system at Millennium Towers Residences, a 35-story high-rise apartment building in Battery Park City.
Nine years after proposing that the city buy back Battery Park City, veteran city planners Charles Urstadt and Avrum Hyman have renewed their campaign for the deal.
A planned 63 percent spike in ground rents in Battery Park City has been averted, according to Crain's, after New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver helped broker a deal to reduce that increase.
Company's Applied Water Management Group Has Five Projects in Battery Park City, NYC
Carey Battery Park City Authority (the Authority ) intends to procure the services of a contractor to furnish and install closed-circuit television ("CCTV") in various locations throughout Battery Park City, pursuant to its discretionary purchasing authority under State Finance Law 163(6).
General contractor Stalco Construction, construction manager The LiRo Group, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture, and Battery Park City Authority received the ENR New York Best of 2014 Award in the Restoration/ Renovation Category for the restoration and renovation of the landmark Pier A in Manhattan's Battery Park.
Restaurant titan Danny Meyer's latest upscale creation, North End Grill, will open in Battery Park City at the end of the year, his Union Square Hospitality Group said today.
Green Initiatives/Water Re-use: The Solaire high-rise apartment in New York's Battery Park City now has the country's first onsite wastewater treatment and re-use system in a multi-family residential building.
General contractor Stalco Construction, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture, and Battery Park City Authority received a Lucy G.
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