battering ram

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a ram used to break down doors of fortified buildings

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It had stout wheel-spokes, and heavy felloes, a great curved bed, immense straps and springs, and a pole like a battering-ram.
Then, like a battering-ram, one of the powerful hind legs caught me full in the chest and hurled me, half stunned and wholly winded, clear across the broad highway and into the underbrush of the jungle that fringes it.
This, with much brandishing of their holly-leaves, and also a company of them carried an arrow which some boy had left in the Gardens, and this they were prepared to use as a battering-ram.
His beautiful countess and her young daughter waved him a tearful adieu from the battering-rams and buttresses of the fortress, and he galloped away with a happy heart.
screams the countryman's whistle; timber like long battering-rams going twenty miles an hour against the city's walls, and chairs enough to seat all the weary and heavy-laden that dwell within them.
Sacha Wolff's impressive feature debut demonstrates the insight and sensitivity to look past the battering-ram body and glowering eyes of a 245-pound professional rugby player--a Pacific Islander with the kind of physique Hollywood casting agents inevitably pigeonhole into the role of drug dealer or over-muscled thug--to discover the conflicted soul within.