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a ram used to break down doors of fortified buildings

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I swung it like a police battering ram to free the iced-up door lock CHRIS MCCABE ON HIS ESCAPE FROM DEATH
Modern rugby players might as well be army personnel as they risk life and limb to penetrate seemingly impenetrable battering rams.
Neighbours living in the block and nearby said they saw police with battering rams and crowbars.
Police had identified three addresses in the block and officers in riot gear used battering rams to enter the flats simultaneously.
About 20 officers with battering rams clambered aboard the Arctic Sunrise at about 5.
The men and women were arrested just after dawn as more than 80 officers - some armed with battering rams and others with trained sniffer dogs - landed on homes on the Charford estate in Bromsgrove.
In this very well-illustrated technical history ranging from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, weapons expert Nossov describes how those on the inside and outside developed techniques of siege warfare, starting with simple battering rams and ladders, to methods of protection for soldiers attempting to use said battering rams and ladders against a castle armed with large burley men armed with boulders and boiling oil, to the truly fascinating weapons of mass destruction, including the trebuchet, a throwing machine with a counterweight system, the giant crossbow, burrowing machines, early cannon, and even a variety of multi-barreled gun.
Played on a basketball court, where the tricked-out wheelchairs become both gracefully fluid chariots and blunt battering rams, quad rugby is a terrific spectator sport.
They broke into two groups, each team handling Phillips and Benton like battering rams, dropping them face first into piles of flowers.
Magnets, if you take care of them and don't use them as battering rams or to break cast or anything like that--which, unfortunately, some people do--about the only thing you'll have to do is periodically fix the electrical connectors, Davis says.
in our March 10th issue), "America's white collar work force is facing the same twin battering rams of imported cheap labor and exported production that have ravaged our country's blue collar work force for years.
The point is, the Broncos, with running back Terrell Davis back in the fold after injury, may well be better than they were in the previous miserable campaign, but unless the Rams have deteriorated significantly - which they have not - they are most unlikely to stay within six points of the battering Rams in the Trans World Dome tonight.
Voucher advocates know the extent of opposition to their undemocratic goals (30 years of statewide referenda results registering two to one opposition and an August 1996 Gallup poll showing 61 percent to 36 percent opposition), so they are cynically trying to use the poor, our society's indifference to urban problems, and the pleasant sound of the word choice as battering rams to crack open the floodgates of public funding for selective, special interest private schools.