domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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On a related topic, the legal system sometimes treats Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or Battered Spouse Syndrome as a standard that all battered spouses must meet in order to be considered "abused.
At trial, Kathleen's defense was battered spouse syndrome; she lived in such fear of Todd that she had no choice but to kill him, fearing that if she did not, he would kill her.
27) Many of the criticisms and limitations of the battered spouse waiver were addressed by VAWA's creation of the self-petition in 1994.
As a matter of fact, I have battered spouses whose decisions have been pending and pending and pending, because INS hasn't even written the regulations yet for the changes in law that, affect my clients," Kelleher said.
people for whom you are going to do a battered spouse waiver.
In domestic violence cases, however, mediation works an injustice against the battered spouse, who usually is the wife.
Through role-playing exercises, officers experienced the victim's dilemma by assuming the identity of a battered spouse.
It builds in a cycle of aggression and forgiveness and blame until it explodes--and the battered spouse almost never is a man.
An author of the battered spouse waiver has stated, "Acceptable proof of battering or extreme cruelty should include affidavits from the abused or others who observed the abusee, reports from shelters, religious workers, community agencies, and state or local employees.
57) If the batterer lost his citizenship or permanent resident status as a result of the abuse, through a criminal conviction, for example, the statute permits the battered spouse to self-petition if her "spouse lost or renounced citizenship status within the past 2 years related to an incident of domestic violence.
The department found that more than 70 percent of child abuse cases involved a battered spouse, abuse that had gone unrecognized or unacknowledged.
All of the cell phones collected will be donated to Su Casa - Ending Domestic Violence to help battered spouses and children successfully transition out of abusive homes.
5) For example, the authors are aware of one applicant for innocent spouse relief who had fled the northeast and hid in a safe house for battered spouses in Florida.
Many private mailbox renters have good reasons for wanting to keep a low profile - battered spouses in hiding, police officers who wish to keep their home addresses confidential and celebrities.
Not only have these award-winning, family-style cookbooks defined what we now call "comfort food," they have also raised tens of millions of dollars in charitable contributions to fund programs ranging from shelters for runaway youth, homeless families, and battered spouses to literacy programs for disadvantaged youth to organ donation to historical preservation to the promotion of voluntarism itself.