domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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033 refers to an actor "'suffering from the battered spouse syndrome[,]' .
That battered physicians syndrome shares features with battered spouse syndrome suggests the question: Is the propagation of this phenomenon in medicine related to the growing number of women in medicine?
Part I of this Note provides a general overview of the battered spouse syndrome framework and describes its functions and roles in criminal cases.
27) Many of the criticisms and limitations of the battered spouse waiver were addressed by VAWA's creation of the self-petition in 1994.
5 billion, not adjusted for inflation) and remain the battered spouse.
The intelligent Amanda achieves an acquittal for her client by advancing a prototype battered spouse syndrome defence.
And frankly, she's already passed this part, because she has already filed and been approved as a battered spouse.
68) and battered spouse waivers, (69) address these two different
First, if the traditional justification of necessity replaces the imminence requirement, a typical battered spouse may not be exculpated in every case.
Card F: Battered spouse (hereafter the `battered spouse scenario') A woman had been physically and sexually abused by her husband for three years.
In domestic violence cases, however, mediation works an injustice against the battered spouse, who usually is the wife.
Through role-playing exercises, officers experienced the victim's dilemma by assuming the identity of a battered spouse.
The department found that more than 70 percent of child abuse cases involved a battered spouse, abuse that had gone unrecognized or unacknowledged.
It builds in a cycle of aggression and forgiveness and blame until it explodes--and the battered spouse almost never is a man.
An author of the battered spouse waiver has stated, "Acceptable proof of battering or extreme cruelty should include affidavits from the abused or others who observed the abusee, reports from shelters, religious workers, community agencies, and state or local employees.