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a bullet made of hard rubber

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To come here and get the baton round twice and win a medal as well blows away all the demons
Miss Williams said she was not aware of any trouble in the moments before she was hit with the baton round.
The month before last August's riots in London, the Metropolitan Police held just 700 baton rounds, the investigation revealed.
The man began to seriously injure himself with a knife before police discharged a baton round in order to bring the incident to a safe conclusion," she said.
Some officers were set alight briefly when hit by petrol bombs and targeted by lasers, while a local photographer was hit by a baton round.
NEIGHBOURS spoke of their shock yesterday after armed police shot a suspected gunman with a baton round.
The married dad-of-one was fatally wounded in a struggle with a man who was eventually restrained by armed police using a baton round and Taser stun gun.
Peck had been shot by a rubber baton round during a police siege in Barry for which he was jailed for 27 months and one of his testicles was later removed.
Officers said a plastic bullet - technically called a baton round - was fired after attempts to make the man drop his weapons failed.
But the 44-year-old, who had a gun, turned the weapon on himself after officers fired a baton round, according to a spokeswoman.
A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said a baton round, often described as a rubber bullet, was discharged by police.
POLICE fired a baton round to disable a man threatening to set himself alight.
The group called for a "prompt, impartial and independent investigation" into the death of Brian Loan, 47, from a suspected heart attack three days after he was shot twice with a Taser electro-shock stun gun and once with a baton round firing a plastic bullet.
29am armed South Wales Police officers were called to an incident in the Llanrumney area of Cardiff, during which a police baton round was discharged.
Humberside police said armed response officers were sent to the scene and following an incident the man was shot with a baton round and then a firearm.