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(Old Testament) the wife of Uriah and later the wife of king David

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Thomas Vinterberg's film impressively recreates 1874 Dorset as Bathsheba inherits a farm, works the land and is courted by three suitors - sturdy farmer Gabriel Oak (Schoenaerts), wealthy landowner William Boldwood (Michael Sheen) and reckless soldier Sergeant Troy (Tom Sturridge).
Vadillo, who is completing her PhD in art history, examines several late medieval manuscript representations of the scene in which king David sees the married Bathsheba bathing and resolves to seduce her and kill her husband, Uriah.
Bathsheba, like her on-stage embodiment, is too beautiful for her own good.
We know Bathsheba - she who captured David's eye and later became his wife and the mother of Solomon.
In the Old Testament, the wisest and most magnificent of the kings of Israel and the son of David and Bathsheba.
Telenor djuice customers are among the most advanced mobile phone users in Europe, and they deserve the best mobile experience available," said Bathsheba J.
Schoenaerts his accent Gabriel, who has fallen on hard times, is hired by Bathsheba as the estate's shepherd and continues to pine for her from afar.
In the latest adaptation, Mulligan will play the wilful, flirtatious heroine Bathsheba Everdeen.
Boldwood pursues Bathsheba (the superb Natasha Oughtred), relentlessly urging her to marry him.
But life isn't quite just a bowl of cherries for Bathsheba Everdene, danced persuasively by BRB principal Elisha Willis.
Barbara (Dench) is an ageing schoolmistress at a London comprehensive, who takes a shine to new art teacher Bathsheba (Blanchett).
Among the vessels that people could visit were MV Bathsheba, the newly-restored Princess Royal Lifeboat, the community barge Angus Ferguson and HMS Bark Endeavour.
He misused his kingly power in arranging for Uriah to be placed in the most dangerous part of a battle so that he would be killed and David then could marry Uriah's wife, Bathsheba.
tells the story of eleven women in the Old Testament: Sarah, Hagar, Ruth, Naomi, Vashti, Esther, Michal, Abigail, Bathsheba, Gomer, and the good wife of Proverbs 31.
Highlights of that score, as well as of ``Gentleman's Agreement'' and ``David and Bathsheba,'' will be performed at the concerts.