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Synonyms for mimicry

Synonyms for mimicry

the act, practice, or art of copying the manner or expression of another

Synonyms for mimicry

the act of mimicking

the resemblance of an animal species to another species or to natural objects

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire: a novel trade-off for Batesian mimics.
Another possibility for the origin of Batesian mimicry is that it evolved from Mullerian mimicry (Huheey 1976, 1984), when the new Batesian mimic lost its protection from noxiousness while already resembling the model (Endler 1991).
The resemblance of Batesian mimics of ants to their models (also known as myrmecomorphs) can be both morphological and behavioral.
1983), are dogged by Batesian mimics (Owen, 1980), are from geographically isolated populations (Turner, 1971), or are subject to selection for crypsis under some conditions (Pasteels et al.
These results "clearly refute the traditional hypothesis that viceroys are palatable Batesian mimics," Ritland and Brower say.
However, Batesian mimics of ants may be forced to 'walk a tightrope', needing to 'live with the enemy'.