batch processing

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the serial execution of computer programs

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Even worse, a large disruption in services can occur if the batch program fails before completing.
Recently we had a batch program degrade and it was running for longer than ten hours.
SPI's recurring credit card transaction batch program is complemented by the VPOS functions, which can handle a large number of one-time only transactions.
Information will be collected and sent in monthly through an automated batch program to the Nebraska's central repository.
Simplify Operational Complexity Users can avoid managing separate systems, tuning them individually for performance, and writing low-level code and batch programs to keep them in sync.
You can use these for 20 different drives, or one drive and 20 batch programs, or any combination," Kenyon said.
Batch programs allow data to be recorded from a range of different points on the sample and / or a range of different reflections.
Batch programs offer the best targets for encapsulation because they have no user interface to modify.
The latter two run as batch programs verifying hourly that all bridges and terminal servers are working.
The application is comprised primarily of batch programs, written in COBOL and CA Easytrieve Plus, and Sequential files.