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a member of a subgroup of people who inhabit Lesotho

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(1881) British Basutoland and the Basutos. London: H.
Cathcart further chastised Moshoeshoe, saying that 'the Basuto people under your rule have become a nation of thieves'.
MacGregor (1912) History of the Basuto, Ancient and Modern.
With all the other Basuto boys he played, and herded his parents' cattle; and as he grew up, he sometimes went with the transport riders, leading the oxen which drew the waggons bringing in goods from the rail-head [at Aliwal North, about 90 km away to the west]; sometimes he joined the hunts organised for killing game or monkeys on the mountains; and he saw or heard of the killing of leopards at the cattle posts by the older men.
(14) This association later tried to raise share capital from Basotho members as The Basuto Pioneer Trading Company.
(16.) It may be that this initiative failed largely because of the Rinderpest, which decimated the store of capital which formed the basis for many who would have otherwise invested in the Basuto Pioneer Trading Company.
"Moshedi of The Basutos." Part II, Pittsburgh Courier (January 4, 1958), 6.
For his History of the Basuto to come out at all, it had to have the endorsement of prefatory matter by the Governor-General, the High Commissioner, His Honour the British Resident, and even the Assistant Commissioner.
The Basutos; or, Twenty-Three Years in South Africa.