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the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho


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MacGregor (1912) History of the Basuto, Ancient and Modern.
14) This association later tried to raise share capital from Basotho members as The Basuto Pioneer Trading Company.
Basuto se mudara a Mexico en el primer trimestre y trabajara estrechamente con Radisson y Atlantica Hotels International, la principal franquicia en Brasil, duena de unos 60 hoteles.
The group is also interested in the highly-patterned blankets worn by the Basuto tribe, the patterned blankets worn as coats in Canada and the brightly coloured Chinese wedding blankets which were produced by the mill.
Examples of specific topics include indigenous exchange practices in northern Russia, women's position in European Sami reindeer husbandry, Basuto culture and entrepreneurship in Lesotho, and traditional livestock production among Bedouin in the Negev Desert.
78) The improving qualities of the Bible were at times clearly more ceremonial than effective, however, as reported in the Christian Guardian: "the Basuto chiefs of South Africa visited England to stop the importation of liquor.
The Transforming Gospel: The Mission of Francois Coillard and Basuto Evangelists in Barotseland.
Early next morning a great stir arose for a high ranking English officer's pet Basuto pony had gone missing and was later spied by `himself' trotting merrily along in Trooper Pike's wagon team of hungry Hungarian remounts.
I hear the British are advancing from three points and it is also said that Sir Godfrey Lagden is on the Basuto Border with thousands of Kaffirs to prevent the Boers crossing the River Caledon.
For his History of the Basuto to come out at all, it had to have the endorsement of prefatory matter by the Governor-General, the High Commissioner, His Honour the British Resident, and even the Assistant Commissioner.
Whether she photographed Italian civilians captured by Allied soldiers, a French woman punished for fraternizing with German soldiers by having her hair shorn, or a blind Basuto man sitting with his dog against a barren, cracked wall, Larrabee invested her subjects with timeless poetic significance.
The malpractice of the Basuto farmer can be attributed only to the lack of resources to do anything better.
In an entry from 1961, Fugard sets down a "string of memories" (25) prompted by his encounter, years after their friendship had ended, with Sam Semela, the Basuto servant who worked for Fugard's mother first at the Jubilee Hotel and later at the St.
Principal wars: Third Basuto War (1867-1868); First Anglo-Boer War (1880-1881); Second (Great) Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902); Boer Rebellion (1914-1915).