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Synonyms for baste

Synonyms for baste

a loose temporary sewing stitch to hold layers of fabric together

cover with liquid before cooking

strike violently and repeatedly

sew together loosely, with large stitches


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Following the success of last year's event we decided to make Baster Day an annual event always planned for the first Saturday of December", says event organizer, Patrick Jankowski.
Some of the home-crafters sold Baster delicacies such as traditional ginger beer, pumpkin fritters, roosterbrood, skaap pot and jam tarts knows locally as Hertzoggies, whilst others showcased hand-made jewellery, traditional garments, ornaments and riempie stools.
In addition, the Orka Silicone Mitt and Standing Baster were named Best New Product at the International Gourmet Products Show.
During the First World War, however, the Basters refused to fight alongside the Germans.
The company also distributes the ORKA(R) Silicone Oven Mitt; a full line of ORKA(R) silicone kitchen accessories and tools, including bakeware, pot holders, trivets, spatulas, basters and brushes.
But back in the '70s, when lesbians and turkey basters mixed only at Thanksgiving, the challenge was finding a doctor who would agree to inseminate her.
Function and ease of use were significant selling points on new products such as plastic all-in-one salad sets from Biesse, microwave-proof tea and coffee pots from Guzzini and detachable, easy-to-wash basters at Pagnossin, setting a leading buying trend for practical and durable goods.
Now we are recovering from that reaction and becoming mothers as fast as adoption agencies and turkey basters can manage it.
We are treated to talk of test tubes and turkey basters and the sight of the hopeful mum-to-be lying upside down on the sofa.