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strong woody fibers obtained especially from the phloem of from various plants

(botany) tissue that conducts synthesized food substances (e.g., from leaves) to parts where needed

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Bast ( shared her video recording to alert others in the area just in case their package was damaged, even though hers appeared to be in good condition.
While Lego products are already available in the regionthrough retail distributors, Bast says the new store will be not just a new channel for sales - it will be a brand window for Lego in the region.
"Getting on top of the building gives a different vantage point," Bast agrees.
Shoshenq I (943-922 BC), sponsored the development of Bubastis as a centre of worship for the goddess Bast on east of the Nile Delta.
For all those non-believers out there it should also be noted Bast, who launched website, added a recording of the show would also be nice.
In his statement, Bast comments, "We urge any individual, foundation and corporation with an interest in insurance and related finance issues to contribute to [FIRE center Director Eli Lehrer's] new organization once it is up and running."
Bast said this explains why the pre-Biblical texts suggest either a large square structure above ground (such as a ziggurat), or an underground city.
Bast is principal-incharge of the firm's Building Performance practice.
More questions arise when Bast calls Kote, "Reshi and Master," and Kote calls Bast his student.
For clinicians, students, fellows, and researchers, Bast and Markman (translational and clinical research, U.
The throw grouping pictured here includes the BTEX PL-TC throw (hanging), along with the BTEX PL-TBL (top of stack), the BAST PKA (second in stack), the BAST TOF (third in stack) and the BAST ALM (bottom of stack).
The 49-year-old Walter Bast also regained the use of his right arm after the revolutionary treatment, which prevents brain cells from dying, reports the Telegraph.
Patent 6767634) is said to open up bast fiber bundles ofkenaf, flax, or jute without breaking the fibers.