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Synonyms for Basse-Normandie

a division of Normandy

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Paris: STEF, IARTEM, IUFM, de Basse-Normandie, 2006, p.
In this lavishly illustrated book, containing 256 colour photographs, both parts of Normandy, Haute-Normandie and Basse-Normandie, are included.
Presto Engineering entering the LaMIPS has been endorsed by partners of origin, including NXP Semiconductors, the ENSICAEN, CNRS and the University of Caen Basse-Normandie.
conditions for opening tenders date: 13/11/2017 local time: 12:30 square: Gcs telehealth basse-normandie, 10 rue des compagnons, 14000 caen.
Lot 1 Urssaf Basse-Normandie - Conduct and maintain facilities for the sites of Caen, Saint-L and Alenon / Valframbert (contract P2).