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The couple split suddenly in November amid allegations that the San Antonio Spurs basketballer had cheated on her with his teammate's wife, reports the Daily Mail.
He always wanted to be a basketballer after starting to play the sport aged just three.
Closing in on Norman is Milwaukee Bucks NBA basketballer Andrew Bogut, who picked up 14 million dollars last year, the Daily Telegraph reports.
EAST END basketballer Dan Clark says the London Olympics will be so local for him he intends to pop home for a cuppa during the competition.
VETERAN basketballer Andy Betts had a fairytale rise from obscurity after being plucked from the crowd to shoot hoops as a kid.
The Toronto Raptors basketballer, 25, is desperate to help GB do well at the London Games after being born and bred in the capital.
Eva, 32, had "Mrs Parker" stitched into her trackies as she arrived in the US after her Paris wedding with basketballer Tony, 25.
He also maintains that his nickname has little to do with the famous American basketballer of the same name.
Many talented Territorians and now national and international stars such as swimmer Danni Miatke, wheelchair basketballer, Tom O Neill- Thorne and athlete Crystal Attenborough nurtured their sporting careers at a previous School Sport Australia event, Mr Chandler said.
Lack of physical attributes and fitness figured high in the defeat against the team from Hong Kong, said the Kuwaiti basketballer Abdullah Tawfiq, noting the Kuwaiti players were adamant to give a better performance tomorrow.
PROMISING Knowsley Challenge wheelchair racer and wheelchair basketballer Nathan Maguire is due to start lectures at Greenbank College this month.
A WHEELCHAIR basketballer has thanked a local cause which gave him a helping hand at the Invictus Games.
The 41-year-old doubles specialist said he wanted to follow in the footsteps of greats such as US basketballer Michael Jordan and Brazilian footballer Pele by calling time while still at the top of his game.
Basketballer of the year was Dalton Straughan and cricketer of the year Jacob Glendinning.