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someone skilled in weaving baskets


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CRAFTY: Nine-year-old Bethany Gibson tries her hand at basket weaving, above BIG SHOT: Liam Hill, aged 12, throws for a prize, above and a pooch takes part in the agility course, right Pictures
Helfa Gelf or Art Trail, supported by Flintshire County Council, will be a chance to see painting and sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, jewellery making, basket weaving, woodcarving and photography.
Try your hand at a variety of traditional country crafts, including pole lathe, hurdle making and basket weaving.
In the afternoon Michael Harvey will tell stories, the Cavatina choir and Welsh folk group Toreth will demonstrate the traditional arts of basket weaving and lovespoon carving.
What we would like is for someone who knows all sorts of handicrafts to help teach us some new skills, things like basket weaving or soft toy making.
Some argue that true American Indian art is ``historic'' art, traditional expressions such as basket weaving that are ancestral expressions of Indian life.
Among the attractions on view was a demonstration of basket weaving by an expert from the National Museum of Wales, funded by the Welsh Language Board.
The weekend-long fest-ival, organised by the Formby Millennium Committee, also included a range of country crafts such as wood-turning, basket weaving and falconry.
Conversely, someone involved in basket weaving probably only has the chance of getting matey with their basket while a chap painting a still life picture is unlikely to form a relationship with a bowl of fruit, unless he gets hungry.
The new inscriptions include laces called `pipilla` and `pittotes`, the art of basket weaving, the art of dry stone, the Limassol Carnival, the Kataklysmos Flood Festival, the Arkatena (a type of circular crunchy bread) and the `kapouthiotiko psathi` (a type of matting).
A fabulous series of orange and biscuit colored paintings on two pages reveal a complicated series of basket weaving stages that Kunu attempts and finally succeeds.
Basket weaving was once widely practiced across southern Lebanon, but knowledge of the craft is quickly disappearing.
Abu Dhabi's links with the sea will be highlighted alongside the country's rich maritime heritage which will be brought to life every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with demonstrations of dhow (traditional sailing boat) building, pearl harvesting, fishnet making and crab basket weaving.
BASKET weaving is one of the oldest crafts in the history of human civilization.
Workshops Get crafty in The Big Skill tent with basket weaving, glass painting and even a chainsaw workshop, go back to nature with From Hedge To Jar and become your own Picasso at the drawing mornings.