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Basket makers are both designers and technicians of their own creation.
CUMBRIAN basket maker Owen Jones held a masterclass in North Wales that attracted students from as as far as Denmark.
Then in France, I met with traditional basket makers, wrought-iron craftsman and in Murano, Italy, with glassblowers.
For example, after enumerating 120 Narragansetts as laborers and basket makers with a tribal government in place, a history of Westerly (now called Charlestown), Rhode Island, points to one woman as the last of her kind: "The blood of this royal race flows now only through the veins of one living person--Esther, an old woman in Westerly, living apart from her people, the only representative of the ancient Narragansett chiefs, and though not quite of the pure blood, the purest living of the Narragansett tribe" (110).
The stalls include various Roman tradespeople and craftspeople such as metalworkers, basket makers and woodworkers.
Blind basket makers busier than ever BASKET workers at The Cleveland Institute for the Blind in Middlesbrough had been manipulating cane and willow with fascinating swiftness.
One particularly startling fact was her calculation that, by the time basket makers take into account the number of hours they spend preparing a basket and what they receive at a typical market, basket artisans make only about $5.10 an hour.
Traditional weavers and basket makers, knife makers and collectors of Emirati memorabilia make for an interesting visit where you can unearth replica helmets and weapons, old records and coins from India and Europe.
Just at this table we have weavers, basket makers and caners - anything that had the arts in it would be good for this community," said Ms.
Her hobby has put her in connection with fellow basket makers and instructors from all over the world, through weaving classes and conferences.
The display, by members of the Scottish Basket Makers Circle, will feature the work of more than 20 artists and will be held at the Edgbaston Road arts hub until the New Year.
Visitors were also treated to shows by fire-eaters and pipers and traditional doll and basket makers, and bowl makers prepared gifts for families.
Marvin Morgan, who lives near Bridgend is one of only two remaining basket makers who practise the craft of making the 'cyntell' - a shallow, round basket that was once common across the West Wales.
She's now taught for 10 years at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts and 15 years at the Association of Michigan Basket Makers, has collected numerous awards; has been profiled in books and magazines, and was invited by the Smithsonian to show her work at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.