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All of the monies earned from the baskets went directly to the basket makers in Haiti and project costs and helped the victims of the 2010 earthquake to become self-sufficient and make enough money to feed their families, rebuild their villages, and build schools for their children.
CUMBRIAN basket maker Owen Jones held a masterclass in North Wales that attracted students from as as far as Denmark.
The display, by members of the Scottish Basket Makers Circle, will feature the work of more than 20 artists and will be held at the Edgbaston Road arts hub until the New Year.
Visitors were also treated to shows by fire-eaters and pipers and traditional doll and basket makers, and bowl makers prepared gifts for families.
Marvin Morgan, who lives near Bridgend is one of only two remaining basket makers who practise the craft of making the 'cyntell' - a shallow, round basket that was once common across the West Wales.
She's now taught for 10 years at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts and 15 years at the Association of Michigan Basket Makers, has collected numerous awards; has been profiled in books and magazines, and was invited by the Smithsonian to show her work at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
Wine Country Gift Baskets' distinctive Father's Day, Christmas and corporate gifts along with their superior customer service and national presence have set a new industry standard in a market that was once occupied primarily by smaller, regional gift basket makers.
WILLOW WEAVED: As one of the only commercial basket makers in Britain, Ken Griffiths is a rare breed.
My grandparents were basket makers in Hill Street and dad was a scholar at old Bablake School nearby," he recalled.
We read that the pub many years ago was a hostelry to serve the basket makers and farm workers.
Artisans, dancers, singers, and storytellers accompanied the carvers, drum makers, and basket makers to a showcase of the talent of the First Nations community of British Columbia.
Common examples are baby garment factories that will venture into pet clothes, and basket makers that will expand their range to include pet beds with wicker bases