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Synonyms for basilica

an early Christian church designed like a Roman basilica

a Roman building used for public administration

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Ulno basilic interposition graft with saphenous vein was put for one case.
In the contest between the versions, Fudge gives greater credit to the alliterative "le basilic du brave" and"the basil of the bridges," although his own looser translation seems a better and more evocative use of language.
At 6 weeks follow-up consultation, when the patient returned for the surfacing of the basilic vein he had permanent spontaneous pain in his fingers, muscular rigidity and 2 small necrotic lesions on the anterior aspect of the 2nd phalanx of the 5th finger and at its base on the posterior aspect of the hand (Figure 1).
Ultrasound is utilised in emergency department peripheral cannula insertion, usually via basilic vein puncture (Blaivas & Lyon, 2006).
Persian strolls home The easiest winner of the afternoon was Persian Delight, who turned the concluding bumper into a one-horse show as he strode away to beat Basilic D'Alene by 12 lengths.
It approached the medial cutaneous nerve of forearm (nervus cutaneus medialis antebrachii) and the basilic vein (vena basilica) and together they coursed distally as far as the interepicondylar line.
The basilic vein is the third choice because it is easy to palpate; however, it is not well anchored and can be a painful site to access.
The axillary, brachial, basilic, and internal jugular veins are imaged with compression, supplemented with color and spectral Doppler (Figure 9).
Worldwide FX, Digiscope, Factory VFX, Ghost VFX, Hydraulx, Identity FX, Prime Focus VFX, Reliance Mediaworks, the Resistance VFX, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Basilic Fly Studio;.
For CBC test, blood is collected through venipuncture by phlebotomist using hypodermic needle from median cubital, cephalic or basilic vein and transferred to lavender color EDTA anticoagulant containing vials.
Figure 2 shows a venogram of a basilic vein spasm and thrombus.
Romarin, laurier, verveine, basilic et menthe proposes a 100 dinars le pot, ont ete epuises en un temps record.
la joie de manger des tomates et du basilic frais, et les autres merveilles de la nature.