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a ruler of the eastern Roman Empire

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La actitud desmedida de Edipo no debe sorprendemos, pues tener cualidades divinas, "more orientale", era un rasgo de la casa tebana, rasgo de origen micenico, alli donde los reyes eran casi dioses: los reyes micenicos lo eran todo, la organizacion social de sus ciudades era minima, "demos" significaba "comarca", no pueblo, y en su autarquia estos reyes imitaban a los dioses olimpicos o dioses aristocraticos de los cuales se sentian descendientes o diogenis, no herederos de aquellos dioses que no gozaban de esta reputacion; incluso, cuando la aristocracia elimina a la monarquia primitiva, los reyes seran basileis, gran pontifice.
Among the cultural, post Bronze Age "red flags" in the Homeric poems detected by Finley and his numerous successors are the following: the knowledge of iron working and the proliferation of iron weapons; a post-palatial system of landholding; cremation as a primary form of burial; the transportation-only use of chariots; the importance and recurrence of assemblies of the People; and, most troublingly for traditionalists, the relative impotence, as well as the sheer numbers, of "kings," wanakes and basileis.
The villages and territories formerly under the control of the Mycenean palaces did, however, continue to be "governed"--"protected" might be a better word--by basileis.
Triumph over the Seljuq invaders, who were one part of the same wave of Turks who captured the Byzantine emperor at Manzikert in 1071, emboldened the Georgian monarchs even more, and they began to envisage themselves as equals of the Byzantine basileis (sing.
52 may be instanced, where it is straining things to assert that `readers in the city will link' Jesus the basileus in John with other basileis influential in Ephesos' past; and for the first the overconfident suggestion that John 20:28 is a `more than probable' challenge to Domitian (p.
Even if someone [kills] another without intent, he is to be exiled; the basileis are to try him as guilty of homicide either .
It penetrates scholarly work in neighbouring fields, so that Fagerstom, for example, can write: `The aristocrats who listened to the songs of Homer can hardly have been very different from [the] gift-devouring basileis who made tenants or even slaves out of the farmers.
It is probable that the Orthagorids knew themselves as basileis rather than tyrannoi, and that one of the oracle's functions is to deny implicitly to Cleisthenes the title to which he aspires: `You are a pharmakos, not a basileus, like Adrastus.