subatomic particle

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While a physicist might seek to identify the most basic particles of matter, a philosopher might wonder whether there are limits to our knowledge, or whether the findings of science can ever be certain.
The basic particles of the universe that physicists have identified--electrons, neutrinos, quarks, photons--are the "letters" that make up all matter, even you and me.
Everything from quarks--the most basic particles in the universe--to black holes in the outermost regions of space is located between the covers.
Superstrings were believed to be inconceivably minute loops the vibrations of which generated all the basic particles.
25) For any set of basic particles, the x's, if there is an intrinsic property being F, such that being F is instantiated in exactly the space occupied by the x's, and it is not the case that something's being F is a logical consequence of the properties and relations of the x's as such, then there is something y, such that the x's merely coincide with y, and y is an intrinsic unity.
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