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Synonyms for basement



Synonyms for basement

the lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level

the ground floor facade or interior in Renaissance architecture

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It appeared that this house contained four rooms, besides a basement, and that it might be bought for fifteen hundred dollars, the lot and all.
Our white frame house, with a storey and half-storey above the basement, stood at the east end of what I might call the farmyard, with the windmill close by the kitchen door.
I am glad that our first boarding-place was in the dismal, ill-lighted, and damp basement.
After that altruistic exploit Stevie was put to help wash the dishes in the basement kitchen, and to black the boots of the gentlemen patronising the Belgravian mansion.
As the young man walked toward it the upper windows drew a black arcade along the side wall of the building, but from the lower openings, on the side where the ground sloped steeply down to the Corbury road, the light shot its long bars, illuminating many fresh furrows in the track leading to the basement door, and showing, under an adjoining shed, a line of sleighs with heavily blanketed horses.
The young man, skirting the side of the building, went down the slope toward the basement door.
The one in the basement of Brown's had written on Bill's slip of paper the words: '1 p.
but with a grateful glance up at the first floor in remembrance of Captain R-'s examination room (how easy and delightful all that had been) he bolted down a flight leading to the basement and found himself in a place of dusk and mystery and many doors.
The confounded basement was as still as a grave and I became aware of my heart beats.
You will go from here to something lower, another house; a year later--to a third, lower and lower, and in seven years you will come to a basement in the Haymarket.
Both of us were able to look in by standing on the basement, and clinging to the ledge, and we saw - ah
Athos said a word to one of the vergers, who bowed and proceeded toward the basement.
During that time, The Basement Doctor's expert staff has become the industry's authority in knowing how to properly waterproof basements, encapsulate nasty crawl spaces with durable vapor barriers and stabilize bowed and cracked foundation walls.
Majority of the basements without kitchen, or even without bathroom (Fig.
Changes in the construction and use of basements are making it more challenging for an appraiser to value this component of a house than it was in the past.