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the commonest type of solidified lava

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Biological evidence of life in basalt rocks - similar to those found on Mars - has been detected for the first time, and could pave the way to the first positive identification of extra-terrestrial life.
In the present study, Hira black soil represents schists of Dharwarian formation, Bidar black soil represents basalts of Deccan trap formation and Shahabad soil represents the limestones of Bhima formation.
We see the same signal from orbit in other places, so we now know that those other places probably have similar basalts.
By correlating the precisely dated basalts with surrounding sedimentary layers, the new study shows that precession operated pretty much the same way then, allowing dates with a give or take of 20,000 years to be assigned to most sediments holding fossils," Olsen said.
The basalts from Bbc are hypocrystalline, subporphyritic and sub-intersertal in texture.
2000) Although they post-date most basalts, the Cuillin intrusive complex is most likely coeval with the latest Skye Main Lava Series tholeiitic basalt flows.
1996), Olsen (1997), Pe-Piper and Piper (1999), and McHone and Puffer (2003), among others, and a related model for the Grand Manan Basin will be developed in further work on tectonic structures and basalts.
Secondary mineralization also occurs in fissure veins that transect the massive basalts.
In the southern Levant, bifacial tools (mainly axes/celts) made of compact and fine-grained basalts first appear in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (Dorrell 1983: 508-10; Figure 221: 16, 19; Garfinkel & Dag 2006; Gopher 1997: 163; Gopher & Orrelle 1995: 58, Figure 36: 3-4, 6; Kirkbride 1966: 35, Figure 10: 1-8; Rosenberg & Gopher in press).
Tholeiites form at lower pressures than alkali basalts, from higher percentages of decompression melting.
Most of the basalts are porphyritic and textures range from very fine-grained to very coarse-grained, using these terms in the volcanic sense (Table 1), and include ophitic, subophitic, intergranular and intersertal varieties.
Not only basalts have compositions that allow individual geologic units to be fingerprinted.
2] (Yialing project) underlain by Permian flood basalts, within a geological environment similar to the Norilsk nickel-PGM mine in Russia.
These slightly weathered basalts are very similar in composition and texture to another pair of Martian meteorites from the same area (S&T: July 1999, page 25), enough so that all four are probably fragments of a single arrival at Earth.
We find in basalts erupting in Hawaii the traces of ancient sediments," says Francis Albarede of the Ecole Normale Superieure in Lyon.