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any of the elementary particles having a mass equal to or greater than that of a proton and that participate in strong interactions

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If her calculation is correct, it would account for the two-thirds of galaxies' baryonic matter that astronomers have been looking for, Werk said.
It allows the rotation curves of galaxies to be described by only the observed baryonic matter of the galaxy.
There are two unambiguous pieces of evidence for CP- and I-violation: the forbidden decay modes of neutral K and B mesons and the excess of the baryonic matter over antimatter in the present universe.
Scientists have been able to estimate how much ``ordinary'' or baryonic matter - the stuff we can see and feel - should have been created out of the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe.
For example, astrophysicists and cosmologists today are asking questions about what the universe is actually made of-because it certainly isn't made up of the normal stuff all around us, which we call baryonic matter.
In the early universe, baryonic matter coupled with thermal radiation, creating a state of acoustic oscillation.
Some contend that it could be Baryonic matter tied up in brown dwarfs or in chunks of massive compact halo objects "or MACHOs" [10,11], but the common prejudice is that dark matter is not baryonic, and that it is comprised of particles that are not part of the "standard model" of particle physics.
Their topics include tests of general relativity, finite versus infinite universe in space and time, dark energy discovered, baryonic matter, and cosmological inflation.
McGaugh and his colleagues posed the question of whether the "universal" ratio of baryonic matter to dark matter holds on the scales of individual structures like galaxies.