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United States author of sometimes surrealistic stories (1931-1989)

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He cites Jean-Francois Lyotard's call to "wage war on totality" and paraphrases the credo of one Barthelme's narrators, "[f]ragments are the only forms I trust" (1990: 19).
Furthermore, the narrator of Donald Barthelme's "Nothing: A Preliminary Account" (1973), who tries to come to terms with the concept of nothingness by listing what nothing is not, even claims that his list is futile:
Maybe "The Emerald," the short story by Donald Barthelme, which is essentially a radio play--the whole story is just voices.
The most ambitious analysis comes in Chapter 5, where Sleuthaug discusses how the original Grimms' fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Walt Disney's landmark 1937 film are overwritten as "palimpsests," and through textual "bricolage" in Donald Barthelme's 1967 novel Snow White and in several recent film versions of the story.
Brian Barthelme, Ryan Chevalier, Lisa Davis, Mikayla Henault, Mackenzie McLaughlin, Jaci Silva Sa.
Her name was Faith Sale, a legendary editor who edited Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, Donald Barthelme and Alice Hoffman.
In a brief essay from 1960, Lone Star State native Donald Barthelme contends that "it is frequently painful for a Texan to decide that he is, after all, not a cowboy" ("Culture" 65).
"Donald Barthelme's stories are so multilayered that the reader has to decode each sentence with tact," he says.
She has studied creative writing with Donald Barthelme and is active in the nationally recognized writer's organization, Inprint, where she has studied personal essay with Jessica Wilbanks, fiction with Olive Hershey, and poetry with Tony Hoagland.
To the contrary, according to Grausam, fictions by John Barth, Robert Coover, Donald Barthelme, Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, and Richard Powers "actively participate[] in the largest policy questions raised by the nuclear age" (19).
The lust that drove Donald Barthelme, to name just one, raises nary a peep.
I have a writer's notebook in which I jot down ideas and character sketches constantly," notes Divakaruni, who has been reading quite a bit of John Updike and Donald Barthelme's short stories.
Several of Barthelme's favorite motifs appear in "Claire," a finely wrought and poignant story, which won a Pushcart Prize in 2005.
Each essay draws on specific literature, including work by Cisneros, Atwood, Allende, Barthelme, Wolff, and other authors.
For a body of literature that engages the transatlantic slave trade explicitly (e.g., Toni Morrison), the war in Vietnam (e.g., Donald Barthelme, Norman Mailer), World War II (e.g., Thomas Pynchon), the intersections between art and global terror (e.g., Don DeLillo), and immigrant lives in New York City (e.g., Grace Paley), global elements remain surprisingly under-investigated by scholars, particularly those texts, such as the one discussed in the present article, concerned with locations outside established (Euro-U.S.) transatlantic stomping grounds.