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Synonyms for barter


Synonyms for barter

an equal exchange

exchange goods without involving money

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What praxeology has to say, and what matters as far as the regression theorem is concerned, is that it is logically impossible for any new money to emerge unless there is some sort of existing price structure in place Without prior prices present in some form, actors cannot calculate using the new money And, therefore, if no price ratios have been established monetarily between the various goods and services, they can only be obtained through a process of direct exchange in the barter economy This is the crux of the regression theorem But there is no praxeological necessity for the new money to be redeemable for the old in law, or to trade at a fixed rate with it.
But an entire local economy has sprung up, and the residents have migrated from the barter economy to a cash-based system.
m] = 0 we have a barter economy, where no cash is required for the purchase of a good, whereas when [[phi].
Commodity for commodity or commodity for service was in vogue under the banner of barter economy.
He came a cropper, of course: the soul-crushing nature of the factory system--which Ford didn't precisely invent but brought to its apotheosis, for which he was skewered by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World--didn't wear well up the Amazon, and he found it difficult to offer competitive wages in a barter economy.
THE credit crunch has forced a barter economy between major companies, the UK managing director of Jaguar Cars has revealed.
For centuries the Bhutanese relished their isolation, maintaining a barter economy and allowing few foreigners to visit.
With the rise of extensive trade and later by industrialization, and a money rather than a barter economy, the ownership of property no longer provided wealth and income.
The authors trace a common thread in all these cultures, that at some point in the growth of a society a barter economy is no longer feasible and a currency must be created.
By focusing on the setting of the novel--that is, the Great Depression in the South--Rowe describes the barter economy that developed, the need for sharing food, and the importance of gift giving in the story.
Both adults and children are subjected to slavery-related practices rooted in ancestral master-slave relationships in isolated parts of the country where a barter economy exists.
Last week he held talks with a London-specialist about setting up an international currency exchange to sell 'boothos' on in a bid to create a global barter economy based on books.
His anarchist Swap Shop (1969), where exchange was based on a barter economy, teeters on the threshold between art and activism as a social sculpture that prefigures works by artists like Rirkrit Tiravanija and N55.
Because of high inflation, a weak currency and partly because of tradition, Uzbekistan has a cash or barter economy.
She describes the uses of a barter economy and its effect on everyday relationships between families.