Barrow's goldeneye

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North American goldeneye diving duck

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0, Goudie, 1999) and slightly greater than values reported for Barrow's goldeneyes 1.
2010), whereas Barrow's goldeneyes and common goldeneyes feed mainly on gastropods and polychaetes with relative high population densities.
clypeata) 1 (100) 0 Barrow's goldeneye (Bucephala 1 (100) 0 islandica) Cackling goose (Branta hutchinsii) 1 (100) 0 Eurasian widgeon (A.
Day two was set to be a Barrow's goldeneye shoot, as we set up in an area that Bouchard said harlequins don't frequent.
It was time to hunt Barrow's goldeneyes and harlequins.
Limits: 6 ducks daily, with restrictions on Barrow's goldeneye and black ducks.
Limits: 6 ducks daily, of which 4 can be black ducks and 1 Barrow's goldeneye.
For species such as black scoter, Barrow's goldeneye, harlequin duck and oldsquaw, Kodiak is an important wintering area.
Jeff Peterson of Kodiak Combos offers duck hunting throughout the season and specializes in collector's trips for full-plumage scoters (all three), oldsquaws, harlequins, Barrow's goldeneyes and king eiders in December and January.
ALASKA SEA DUCK HUNTING: Trophy Harlequin, Aleutian Greenwing Teal, Pacific Eider, Barrow's Goldeneye, Old Squaw, Scoter and more.