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the simplest form of vault

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Guide Lui Xun said that despite being in one of the most polluted cities of China, the sun shines through the glass barrel-vaulted roof in a remarkably blue sky as the developers have borrowed a Japanese technique in which an artificial sun shines 24 hours a day and allows for a comfortable temperature.
The new design sees the insertion of 13 studio pods into the dramatic, barrel-vaulted ballroom space.
The excavation fully revealed the initial phase of the church, that is, a 7th century three-aisled transitional barrel-vaulted basilica, a room to the west and a row of adjacent rooms to the south which probably indicate the presence of a monastic complex, the limits of which have not been fully revealed.
Within Caerleon School catchment and just 1.5 miles from this ancient Roman village, the property boasts many character features including exposed curved stone walls, a barrel-vaulted ceiling and recent stylishly fitted kitchen, bathroom and shower room.
Included are: a barrel-vaulted bistro with exposed wood beams and a stone-clad fireplace; an elegant multipurpose room with a stage; a dramatic interfaith chapel; and a new aquatic center.
The permanent architecture, with four square galleries located at the corners of a large square bisected by a barrel-vaulted ceiling, prohibits any consistent traffic flow and works against chronological installations.
The steel barrel-vaulted roof was a building industry innovation and Mike believes Bootle was only the second so constructed.
The pavilion, which boasts a barrel-vaulted cement interior, has been little used in recent years.
Given the barrel-vaulted fiberglass ceiling, the acoustics proved ideal.
DSG took an upscale approach to classic New England design, including a copper barrel-vaulted entrance one would expect to see in a five-star hotel lobby.
The architects for this barrel-vaulted roof required a mix of standing seam and shingle techniques--challenges which the contractors met with excellent copper work.
Designer-builder Joe Schneider organized the main floor around a two-story, barrel-vaulted room containing the living-dining area and kitchen; identical upper-level bedroom suites overlook that space and a striking double stairway along one side, reinforcing the airy effect.
Most notably, the barrel-vaulted roof is shaped in a segmental arch to resemble a turtle's carapace, traditional symbolism for shelter.
Innovative design and the preservation of some of the original architecture and features including a barrel-vaulted ceiling, has attracted US clothing giant GAP to the new extended shopping centre.
Architectural precast panels, ornamental domes, terraces, half-round balconies, two-story columns, decorative handrails, and barrel-vaulted ceilings frame the backdrop of an Italian garden.