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the historic period from about 1600 until 1750 when the baroque style of art, architecture, and music flourished in Europe

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Medieval scholasticism had developed sophisticated approaches in this respect, but the apogee of scholastic theoretical reflection on social epistemology occurred in the Baroque era and its Catholic moral theology (late sixteenth to eighteenth centuries).
Conversely, when historical performance practice runs contrary to most modern performances, Shrock is quite clear: "Performing with multiple soloists per voice part was common during the Baroque era....
'But since Janiuay was built after the Baroque era, the safest choices are to call the style 'eclectic' but then that might sound negative; better 'Revivalist,'' he said.
At the present time, there are substantive topical essays, varying in length from twenty to thirty pages, on Medieval Music, Music in the Renaissance, Music in the Baroque Era, Music in the Classical Era, Romantic Music, and Twentieth-Century Music.
Among the topics are the pipe organ of the Baroque Era in China, deterritorializing spirituality: intercultural encounters in Iron Road, combinations of the familiar and the strange: aspects of Asian-Dutch encounters in recent music history, and contested imaginaries of collective harmony: the poetics and politics of "Silk Road" nostalgia in China and the West.
In the baroque era, for example, composers created pieces for particular occasions, so it was widely seen as acceptable to revise an old tune for a new setting.
Thursday, December 8 | |The Goldfinch Ensemble: Formed in 2014, The Goldfinch Ensemble plays music from the baroque era on a variety of historic instruments - from baroque violin and harpsichord to the viola da gamba.
Kevin Mallon and his Toronto-based Aradia Ensemble continue to unearth little-known music from the Baroque era with this most enjoyable second volume of theatre music by Henry Purcell.
From Egyptians' ancient beliefs to the French's love of luxury during the baroque era to the absolute simplicity of post-World War I, art has managed to be part of everything.
"Classical Music: A Chronology" covers four centuries of Western classical music, ranging from the Baroque era through to the end of the 20th century.
Lightbown opened by noting that during the Baroque era 'aesthetic desirability first overcame all devotional considerations', with the result that some connoisseurs 'stripped churches and convents of paintings which were objects of veneration as well as of local pride'.
Indeed, Bach soon symbolized the best from the Baroque era of music.
Defining an original method of confrontation between the Latin text and the Italian hypotext of some motets, the author shows how the Latin language, undereroticized if compared to the more explicit Italian language, is the vector of the mystical approach, leading as it does to ecstasy and thereby announcing the baroque era (184).
Bergeron, a classical pianist, will present "The Baroque Era,'' a program featuring the music of Bach, Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Purcell, Clarke and Petzold.
The programme presents these contemporary compositions alongside music from the Baroque era composed by composers such as Couperin, Galuppi and Domenico and Alessandro Scarlatti.