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a university in New York City

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As such, the charts accompanying this article that detail the Barnard College productions are not an accurate indicator of the physical materials we may have saved from a landfill.
In a study, child development experts at Barnard College's renowned Center for Toddler Development observed several young kids and monitored their reactions to traditional toys versus an iPad, taking note of how the kids reacted after the iPad was taken away.
-- President Barack Obama (5/14/12), delivering the commencement address at Barnard College (NY)
Two cases in point are presented in this issue, each involving a special collection: the Zine Collection at Barnard College and Berklee's music archives.
She'll he in attendance at a Barnard College reading co-sponsored by the Earth Institute, and one at Ensemble Studio Theatre in May.
Prof Sartori, a graduate of Stanford University, was also a visiting professor at Barnard College limn 1980 to 1981.
In June the bank named Barnard College president, Debora L Spar, to the board.
Cuban-American academic Angela Haddad, associate provost at New York's Barnard College, has studied Venezuela's "Barrio Adentro" program extensively.
He had been a faculty member of Barnard College since 1980 and he recently retired as the Ingeborg Rennert Professor of Jewish Studies.
A sociomedical scientist, Jordan-Young (women's studies, Barnard College, Columbia U.) critiques studies purporting to have found structural differences in the brain between men and women, and between gay and straight people.
Raised in Rankin, Pennsylvania, Height was exposed to injustice early in her life when she was turned away from Barnard College in 1929 because the two positions set aside for black students had been filled.
In 1997, she began teaching at the University of Chicago, and joined the faculty at Barnard College in 2002.
Debora Spar, president, Barnard College said, women in the UAE are cosmopolitan."They have a broader sense of the international spirit than women in other countries," she said.
Sarabeth Berman, a 2006 graduate of Barnard College in New York, went to Beijing at age 23 to be the program director at BeijingDance/ LDTX, a modern-dance company.
The scientists at Barnard College in New York believe that meant the dogs' "guilty look" had nothing to do with how they performed in the tests..