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mottled buff and white owl often inhabiting barns and other structures

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A BEAUTIFUL barn owl has been released back into the wild.
The barn owls discovered by the National Trust at Lindisfarne Castle
Aged birds experience minimal hearing loss, but the new research shows that the barn owl suffers no meaningful loss at all.
Bird Keeper Kriss Pearson, pictured, who has organised the event, said: "Throughout the day we'll be fundraising for nesting boxes for the zoo site for barn owls and kestrels, with games and quizzes.
There are several owl species of owls are considered endangered due to environmental changes, including Barn Owls.
Shadow the barn owl had given his owner the slip and creased up cricketers by landing on the stumps during Seaham Park's game at Castle Eden, Co Durham.
We had fewer sightings reported to us in 2015 and we'd remind people to contact us when they see barn owls.
The NRCS said barn owls and kestrels are relatively easy to attract to farmland by installing nest boxes.
Earlier this month, members of the AgroLIFE project and officers of the game service installed eight nests in the village of Anogira, Limassol, which will house barn owls, the rat's (Rattus rattus) natural enemy.
This year, however, as in 2013, there will be very few barn owls floating above the aftermath in the evenings, hunting for mice and voles.
e Winter of 2013 was a particularly devastating time for barn owls and the prolonged cold saw a 280% rise in the numbers of dead barn owls reported to the British Ornithology Trust.
Barney is a talking barn owl who lives in an ancient barn, as have generations of barn owls before him.
Because Barn Owls are known to prey within about I km around their nest/roost sites (Mikkola 1983), I treated each of the NW sites as separate territories.