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Synonyms for tapa

the thin fibrous bark of the paper mulberry and Pipturus albidus

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a paperlike cloth made in the South Pacific by pounding tapa bark


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Chen chen or chenchen, antiaris, kyenkyen, quen, bark cloth tree, ako, mkuzu, mlulu, oro, ogiovu, kirundo, mumuka, upus, adoum, bonkonko, false iroko, white sapele
The Mbuti use the term pongo for bark cloth and it is adopted here.
In addition, a special show under the patronage of the German UNESCO Commission, featuring sustainable bark cloth products, will be taking place in the foyer between Halls 5.
Full color illustrations of items such as Pygmy bark cloth from the Congo and Ethiopian weavings makes for an outstanding presentation any library strong in African art history will relish.
Summary: Bark cloth, a fabric historically used by the Buganda in central Uganda to wrap their dead before burial, is making a comeback in the form of trendy crafts, clothing and household goods.
They have also had a chance to tell the stories of their lives and losses in tableaux which have been embroidered on to bark cloth.
Among the contemporary works featured in this exhibition are finely carved bowls, paddles and a remarkable selection of bark cloth paintings from Lake Sentani.
A NEW VISION: When those same women heard about Mayotte's accident, they made her a bark cloth mat decorated with embroidery work depicting villagers' huts, a woman bending over her fields of grain, and colorful flowers.
Another regional name is bark cloth tree--because the inner bark of the tree was used to make white cloth.
Colors are paled citrus green, red and coconut brown on bark cloth.
In his last decades, his studio was filled with ikats, embroideries, patterned rugs, and exotic costumes from around the world--everything from African wall hangings and Polynesian bark cloth to Japanese brocades and fragments of mass-produced European silks and cottons.
Rwandan banana leaf, Ugandan bark cloth, and Kenyan soapstone.
Dog with two heads The restored World Museum Liverpool; Woman's winter suit; Painted bark cloth
However, even if strip weave Kente cloth has become virtually a symbol for Africa as a whole, the continent holds a wealth of other textiles that are all celebrated in this book: The Berber weavers of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, and the beadwork and leatherwork of the Maasai of East Africa; the skills of the Kuba peoples of Central Africa (whose raphia cloth the author describes as one of the greatest textile repertoires in the whole of Africa), and the bark cloth of the Congo; the unique crocheted, embroidered and feathered hats of Cameroon, and the ancient weaving traditions of Ethiopia among others.