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[24,25] A barium meal may demonstrate a filling defect in the stomach and confirm the diagnosis.
Caption: Figure 1: Barium meal, endoscopy and CT images of patient presenting with intussusception due to Brunner's adenoma A: Barium meal indicating filling defect in the 2nd part of duodenum (D2), indicated by white arrow B: Endoscopy with lesion indicated by asterisk, in 1st part of duodenum (D1) C and D: CT scan demonstrating intussuscepiens (solid arrow), intussuseptum (broken arrow), target sign (arrow head) with lead lesion (star) in 4th part of the duodenum (D4)
Caption: Figure 1: Barium meal X-ray showing stomach extending to the pelvis.
Her follow-up endoscopic evaluation showed partially disrupted fold that was also confirmed with barium meal imaging (Figures 3 and 4).
Dedicated CT imaging with a barium meal and follow through is of utmost importance in showing the duodenal occlusion in the third part.
Barium meal pictures were taken for cases with pyloric stenosis due to peptic ulcer disease and all 12 had dilated stomach and stasis of barium.
People used to have a barium meal and follow through, which is not efficient.
Radiographic Evaluation: The contrast radiographic study using barium meal was conducted to find out gastric emptying time and any post-operative complication i.e.
Ultrasound abdomen, X-ray abdomen erect and supine and X-ray chest were conducted in all patients, while other investigations such as Barium meal follow-through, Mantoux test and ESR were done where indicated.
Abdominal film can reveal the colonic obstruction, as well as CT scan and barium meal examination which can also exclude some causes of colonic obstruction, such as tumors and stones.
She then had a barium meal and follow through which clearly demonstrated a gastro-colic fistula.
(3.) Carroll E, Brennan E Radiation doses for barium enema and barium meal examinations in Ireland: potential diagnostic reference levels.
The child had a colonoscopy, barium meal, and later an MRI scan and lumbar puncture - without ethical approval, the panel was told.
According to Kobayashi, a tumor must measure in the 200-1000mg range to be detected by a barium meal and x-ray program.