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a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group

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channel inhibitors (iberiotoxin+ 4-aminopyridine + barium chloride + glibenclamide + TEA) produced significant inhibition on the Danshen-induced vasodilator effect.
Many of them require the simple precipitation method using barium chloride [2-5] or lead chloride [6,7].
One study showed that barium chloride could induce smooth muscle contraction by blocking potassium channels (25), and it has been reported that [Ba.
Scientists removed stem cells from the legs of three-month-old healthy mice and injected them into the legs of mice that had temporary leg muscle injuries, induced by barium chloride injections, the study said.
Sulphate ions have been precipitated in hydrochloride medium with barium chloride to form barium sulphate crystals of a uniform size; light by the precipitate has been measured.
Some chemicals, such as barium chloride, burn wonderful colours - in this case, green - but are unstable at room temperature.
Calcium chloride, Barium chloride, Potassium di-hydrogen orthophosphate and Aluminium sulfate were obtained from RANKEM, Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Ltd, Delhi (India).
barium chloride, carbonate, or sulfide) during radiologic examination or in occupational settings (e.
Sulfate ion reacts with barium chloride in an acidic solution to form a suspension of barium sulfate crystals of uniform size.
With substances like barium chloride and sodium sulfate, the depression of the freezing point is three times what is calculated.
Acetylcholine sulfate and barium chloride were from Roth, Karlsruhe, Germany, and Sigma-Aldrich Chemie, Deisenhofen, Germany.
Spasmolytic test employing the rat duodenum model was performed to investigate the effect of crude extracts (methanolic, ethyl acetate and chloroformic extracts) and pure compounds (Bakkenolide and reference drug Alverine) on the contraction of the duodenum induced by acetylcholine and barium chloride (Lubna el al.