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a vessel (such as a yacht) that can be chartered without a captain or crew or provisions

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If you've ever done a bareboat charter, you'll know how important these standards of service can be to your enjoyment of an uninterrupted holiday Getting a competent briefing, for a start, can open your eyes to things that you might otherwise miss in the environment, and it can keep you out of the trouble that you might get into through ignorance.
Confidence among bareboat operators has seldom been higher, with a lot of new, luxurious boats being added to fleets, which offer more choice or quality than ever before.
The trend in the bareboat fleets is 'bigger and more luxurious' (including offering such things as dishwashers and air conditioning).
"We ended up anchoring in a spot we didn't like and then moving at 4pm when the bareboats are supposed to be anchored." Other long-term cruisers we met had similar thoughts and our expectations were subtly changed.
We did have some problems with bareboats anchoring too close (one occasion), a crewed charter boat being antisocial with its music (one occasion and only I was worried) but in three months I would say that was a fine price to pay for lovely cruising grounds.