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Synonyms for barefoot

without shoes

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without shoes on


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"We then decided to push the boat out a bit and complete it in our bare feet to be a bit different.
Shortly afterwards, he allegedly repeatedly touched the victim with his bare feet, before leaving the train at Chester Road station.
The regulatory body for UK driving tests, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), answers the question about driving in bare feet.
shatter beneath their bare feet. Children fall like autumn leaves.
Melting tar taught me that you can keep your bare feet off the road, most of the time, as long as your strides are long and you can bounce like a gazelle.
Mickela Mallozzi, a substitute instructor at The Ailey Extension, parlayed her passion for dance, music, and travel into a web series called Bare Feet. The show, composed of five-minute episodes, has followed her to a traditional procession in Minturno, Italy (where her family has roots), to milongas in Buenos Aires, and to various cultural festivals at home in New York City.
Reported to be 10 times thicker than a paint or a stain, Deck and Concrete Restore encapsulates splinters and fills cracks, while providing a slip-resistant surface suitable for bare feet. A pre-mixed, water-based, one-part polymer coating containing synthetic and mineral pigments, the product repels water but also allows water vapor to pass through the film to resist blistering and peeling.
At Cleats for Bare Feet (C4BF), the creative social project of greeNEWit—that collects boys and girls second-hand cleats (athletic shoes) and sporting equipment and sends them to disadvantaged youth all over the world— it is the opportunity to re-imagine what it means to give and receive a donation in the 21st century.
When they are ready, the tough 60 minutes of football begins played in bare feet with a burning coconut, which has been soaked in kerosene for two days, and up to four blazing coconuts are used in the game.
A guy called Alan who had driven to Dundee in his bare feet.
The Boots for Africa campaign was set up by Sheffield Football Club after its chairman saw children in South Africa's townships playing football in their bare feet. To help you can drop your boots off at the showroom on St Andrew's Road before the end of August.
then our bare feet sinking a little in the wet as even gulls' feet
The For Bare Feet Compression Sock has a comfortable, stay-in-place fit so that the socks do not constantly fall to the ankle or down into the shoe, says vice president of sales Kelly Baugh.
Summer means bare feet, and the doctors at FootPhysicians .com suggest: If you get a puncture wound, have it checked within 24 hours to avoid infection; be sure your tetanus booster is up to date; use sunscreen on tops and bottoms of feet; wear sandals around pools, locker rooms and beaches; bare feet and yardwork, barbecues, fireworks and murky water don't mix.