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an island in Antigua and Barbuda

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'No Antiguan and Barbudan will be denied the opportunity of a University education; all will have access to it,' he said, adding that the launch of the campus is 'truly a great day in the nation's history.
One highlight of the educational campaign has been the floating classroom project that brings thousands of Antiguan and Barbudan children (900 per year at the project's peak) into direct contact with nature.
England against the Stanford Super Stars for a EUR20million pot might provide our Antiguan- Barbudan knight with the billionaire's life-size version of Subuteo, and it must have given the man a world(ish)-wide profile as a smiling, amiable sporting philanthropist - but what has it done for cricket?
Browne said he wanted to take the opportunity to 'express its profound disappointment and amazement that, after more than sixty years of operations in Antigua and Barbuda in which BNS has repatriated large profits earned on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans, that BNS would so causally state its intention to close the Antigua holdings because it refuses to sell the operations to an Antiguan and Barbudan entity.
Government said it has intensified its efforts over the past 12 months to correct the macroeconomic imbalances that have plagued the Antigua & Barbudan economy for the past several years, it was reported Nov.
Barbudans were being ( evacuated to the neighboring island of Antigua, which fared far better in the storm.
The new resort will occupy 36 acres of prime beachfront property, five acres of which will be developed into a public national park for the use of Antiguans and Barbudans, and visiting tourists who wish to swim on the magnificent beach.