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Synonyms for barb

Synonyms for barb

an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect

the pointed part of barbed wire

a subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an arrowhead or spear hard to remove

one of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather

provide with barbs

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Orchestre National de Barbes first played at the gathering back in 2001.
The Orchestre National de Barbes, better known to music fans as the ONB, recently exploded onto the Paris music scene with their infectious world sound.
These so-called barbes (a term of affection from the word uncle) are the subject of this important and commendable work by Gabriel Audisio on the origins, dispersion, and organization of the Waldensian preachers beginning with Vaudes and the Poor of Lyons in the late twelfth century and ending with the barbes of the early sixteenth century, who after negotiations with Guillaume Farel and others opted for the Reform.
Present on the barricades during the February days, the "republicains de la veille" (including Barbes and Blanqui) had been largely marginalized, either by arrest or flight, for their participation in several public demonstrations, notably those of March 17, April 16 and May 15, which were seen as attempts by the extremists to purge the government of its moderate members.
"When I released my album Barbes in 1991, it was banned from French radio stations.
Finally, after seven months of searching, the Barbes found a roomy, sunny, high-ceilinged apartment in a residential area near the Old Town.
Barbes's partner Helen Scorer takes up the story: "They were in mid-air when the pilot announced the plane was to be rerouted.
The reaction is sparked off, it would seem, by the revival of interest in les monstres that marked the literature of the 1830s; the text makes reference to contemporary political events such as Armand Barbes's attack on the Palais de Justice, and it draws on popular satire of the July monarchy and its supporters (in particular the hunchback Mayeux, doctor and would-be politician, as source of Sansfin).
On the elevated Metro leading to Thomas Hirschhorn's studio in the working-class neighborhood of Barbes (where he has lived since leaving his native Switzerland in 1984), blurred images flash before my eyes as I tick off the stops on the outskirts of Paris.
Il comprend le Show International [beaucoup moins que]A[beaucoup plus grand que] du pur-sang arabe avec une large participation, la coupe des eleveurs marocains de chevaux arabes, la coupe des champions arabe-barbes, le championnat international des chevaux barbes, le championnat national de marechalerie moderne, le concours international de saut d'obstacles CSI 1* et le concours international de saut d'obstacles CSI 3*W, comptant pour la qualification a la Coupe du Monde et constituant la troisieme etape du Morocco Royal Tour.
Classe monument national historique et touristique en 1999, ce centre s'etend sur plus de 804 hectares et dispose de 239 chevaux pur-sang arabes et barbes, pris en charge par 69 travailleurs.
Millions of us have watched, got hooked to and danced to Saudi Arabia's latest "Barbes" dance craze, after it was released on YouTube in December 2015.
there's also going to be a barbes ue and fundraising activity for The Michael Causer Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness but unfortunately the police have turned down the temporary events license despite the city council and Environmental Health giving it the nod.
Les arrivistes qui ralliaient le PND, l'ex-parti de Moubarak, ont retourne leurs vestes, laisse pousser leurs barbes et sont maintenant des cadres du Parti de la Liberte et de la Justice des Freres musulmans.