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Aoudad or barbary sheep, Ammotragus lervia (Pallas, 1777) is endemic to the mountain regions of North Africa throughout the Sahara (Brentjes, 1980).
Males and females both grow sheep-like horns, but many hunters consider Barbary sheep to be more like a mountain goat than any true mountain sheep species.
By contrast, conical filiform papillae were uniquely determined in Formosan serows (Atoji et al), Barbary sheep (Emura et al, 2000), Saanen goats (Kurtul & Atalgin), goitered gazelles (Harem et al), giraffes (Emura et al., 2013), and one-humped camels (El Sharaby et al.).
Most pilgrims prefer barbary sheep, a larger breed that costs only about SR500 per animal.
The zoo also received savannah and desert monitors, Brandt's hedgehogs, black swans, jackals, sika deers and Barbary sheep.
It has taken mule deer, whitetail deer, Catalina goats, turkeys, mouflon, Barbary sheep, zebra, waterbuck, gemsbok, impala, oryx, black buck, and probably some I have forgotten all with one shot.
Other animals include scimitar-horned oryx, addax, Arabian oryx, dama gazelle, Nubian ibex, wild goats, barbary sheep and Asiatic onager.
Elsewhere, last year's "Arab Spring" sparked a massive slaughter of wildlife in north Africa, with the slender-horned and dorcas gazelles and the Barbary sheep, all listed as threatened and restricted to a tiny number of ranges having been hit the hardest.
Later, animals arriving from closing Belle Vue included three deer, two arctic fox, two Spanish sheep; two paca (South American rodents), two Barbary goats, four Barbary sheep and an Augur buzzard.
Arabian species include scimitar-horned oryx, addax, Arabian oryx, dama gazelle, Nubian ibex, wild goat, barbary sheep and Asiatic onager.
The khaki-colored aoudad, also called barbary sheep, blend with desert soil and scrub like a lizard on a rock.
Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) recently hosted retired Army Corporal Nick Orchowski, his wife and their two children on a five-day Barbary sheep hunt on the Felix Canyon Ranch in Flying H, N.M.
A Barbary sheep now costs 450 riyals, an Australian sheep costs 550 riyals and an Assouakni sheep costs 700 riyals.