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tailless macaque of rocky cliffs and forests of northwestern Africa and Gibraltar

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The Barbary ape was the first clinical case of WNV infection in any species recognized at the Toronto Zoo where WNV subsequently caused disease in a variety of avian species.
In The History of Animals Aristotle observes the human-like quality of Barbary apes' nostrils, ears, front teeth and molars, eyelashes, nipples, arms and legs; Galen subsequently stated that apes' resemblance to humans went beyond exterior features and included internal organs and structures, thus enabling a description of human anatomy based on the vivisection of monkeys.
However, it is likely that no northern European had seen a living Barbary ape until the late twelfth century, when Portuguese travelers began to bring live specimens north from the tip of the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.
CULTURE: James at wine tasting HELLO: James meets Barbary ape in Gibraltar LUXURIOUS: The Grand Princess MAJESTIC: Sagrada Familia
SNAP HAPPY: Victoria Dwyer, above, gets close to a Barbary ape as friend Trisha Parker watches on; Kathryn Lock at Ayers Rock; Carol Guy and her friends from Caerau and Ely in Barbados; and Vincent Black, from Grangetown, Cardiff, who sent us photos of himself with the Echo in the British Virgin Islands
SUNSPOT: Gibraltar's main Mediterranean beach, above right, and a Barbary ape on; the Rock
HIGH on the Rock of Gibraltar, Benny the Barbary ape and six of his furry-faced friends scampered up and held out leathery paws.
The monkey - or Barbary Ape to be exact - doesn't take too kindly to having his eating habits scrutinised.
The family, from Cannock, Staffs, had taken a cable car to the top of Gibraltar to see the rock's Barbary ape colony.
a Barbary ape implicated in the killing of 17th-century inhabitant Sir Rowland Rees.
A BARBARY ape showed what she thought of the Tories' would-be minister for animal welfare...
In 1954, when they went to Gibraltar for a royal tour, Prince Charles and Princess Anne went to see the famous Barbary apes. However, it was their nannies that went with them and not their parents.
That vast hulk, still sporting red telephone boxes and fluttering Union Jacks, topped out by bad tempered Barbary apes.
There's Gibraltar T-shirts, Gibraltar shorts, Gibraltar plastic Barbary apes, Gibraltar rocks -- anything and everything with the G-word stamped on it -- and most have a bit of a Union Jack flag thrown in as well, just for good measure.