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a region of northern Africa on the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Gibraltar

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That very night our renegade returned and said he had learned that the Moor we had been told of lived in that house, that his name was Hadji Morato, that he was enormously rich, that he had one only daughter the heiress of all his wealth, and that it was the general opinion throughout the city that she was the most beautiful woman in Barbary, and that several of the viceroys who came there had sought her for a wife, but that she had been always unwilling to marry; and he had learned, moreover, that she had a Christian slave who was now dead; all which agreed with the contents of the paper.
To the Walls of Derne: William Eaton, the Tripoli Coup, and the End of the First Barbary War
Nicholas Barbary, 29, and Mark Maynard, 30, smuggled a self-loading Walther P38 pistol, two reactivated Czechoslovakian Skorpion submachine-guns, and ammunition using a tourist coach from the continent.
Nicholas Barbary and Mark Maynard stashed them, plus ammunition, under a bus returning from Belgium.
Jebel Serj houses one of the most important nature reserves in Tunisia, because of its rich fauna (serval, fox, jackal, mongoose, hedgehog, peregrine falcon, booted eagle, Barbary partridge) and fauna (Montpellier maple, Kermes oak, wild olive trees, Aleppo pine, carob, Barbary thuja), and the beauty of its natural sites including the famous cave of Ain Dhahab.
Flame Of The Barbary Coast) 4 "When your opponent is holding all the aces, there's only one thing to do.
Meanwhile, Edward Barbary comes into the sights of the skillful detective, Inspector Bucket.
The traditional king of the jungle roared to a success in Raymond Hughes' snap of this Barbary lion snatching the best black and white photograph.
the Barbary apes have been roaming the Barbary apes have been roaming through the British territory, harassing locals and rummaging through bins.
This essay examines the beginnings of the Cold War as viewed in three American novels published in the second half of the twentieth century, between 1951 and 1998: Norman Mailer's Barbary Shore (1951), E.
Barbary Coast is a DVD anthology of the pilot movie and thirteen episodes of an action-packed, vigilante-justice program set in 1880's San Francisco.
Lords of the Sea: A History of the Barbary Corsairs.
Alternatively they can book a day trip to Gibraltar to see the Barbary Macaques at Apes' Den.
Monkey business: Visit Gibraltar's Barbary Macaques on a day trip to the island | Monkey business: Visit Gibraltar's Barbary Macaques on a day trip to the island ENJOY a seven-night break on the Costa del Sol from only PS328pp.
22, a couple was robbed at machete-point in the afternoon on Barbary Beach.