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Holy Roman Emperor from 1152 to 1190

Barbary pirate (died in 1546)


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The air-fleet dropped slowly to the middle air, and towards sunset they had a glimpse of the disabled Barbarossa far away to the east.
Many men there were worked to make that Barbarossa, and there were men in it--one does not meet the like of them every day.
Francesco Longo, manager of Italian eaterie Barbarossa, hit out: "We can't risk not to comply, for fear of putting our licence at risk."
He was mainly preoccupied with preserving papal authority against both Frederick Barbarossa, whom he crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 1155, and the Norman king of Sicily.
Barbarossa and the Retreat to Moscow: Recollections of Fighter Pilots on the Eastern Front.
Robert Kirchubel's OPERATION BARBAROSSA 1941 (3): ARMY GROUP CENTER (9781846031076, $18.95) outlines the command strategies, tactics and battle experiences of the Barbarossa campaign of 1941 and represents the concluding volume in the trilogy on the subject.
Beltran's last bigscreen performance was in Alberto Fischerman's romantic comedy "Ya no nay hombres" (There Are No Men Left) with Georgina Barbarossa and the spaghetti Western idol Giuliano Gemma in the lead roles.
Which German action in June 1941 was called Operation Barbarossa?
From 1982 until his retirement in 1997, at Ffilmiau'r Ty Gwyn Gareth produced and directed a dramas, including Cysgodion Gdansk (1987), Barbarossa (1989), two series of Lleifior, Brad, and Sigaret?.
RICHARD HANNON, who took the featured handicap at Salisbury in the afternoon with Ordnance Row, nudged closer to his half-century when sending out Barbarossa to land the 5f juvenile maiden under Richard Hughes.
No war in history has produced greater human suffering, material devastation, and political and social dislocation than the Barbarossa Campaign conducted by Adolph Hitler's Third Reich against Josef Stalin's Soviet Union during World War II.
All six Native American figures Schlesinger has included -- namely Atabalipa, Montezuma, Nacol-absou, Paracoussi, Quoniambec and Satouriona -- are taken from the final volume of Vrais pourtraits, which presents such important "pagan" leaders as Julius Caesar, Saladin, Tamerlane and Barbarossa, along with the above.
Ille et Galeron, a Breton romance, was written for Beatrix of Vienne, the wife of Frederick I Barbarossa.
Principal campaigns: BARBAROSSA (invasion of the U.S.S.R.) (1941); Tunisia (1942-1943).
Barbarossa has also introduced blues and jazz nights.