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a parliamentary democracy on the island of Barbados

easternmost of the West Indies about 300 miles to the north of Venezuela

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'Because of that both the government of Barbados and the government of GTRinidad and Tobago saw it fit to do a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation,' Khan said, adding that it may lead to the signing of a utilisation treaty between the two countries.
Addressing a press conference in the aftermath of the bilateral discussions, and with Barbados facing an acute nursing shortage, the Barbadian Prime Minister stated that 'we have indicated that we are searching for just under 400 nurses, so it is not a small number and we really do believe that this is a wonderful opportunity of co-operation between our two countries.'
"We can't wait to get started at enhancing the profile of this team on and off the field and to bringing a comprehensive sports entertainment package to Barbados. We will work very hard to make Barbadians proud of their team," he added.
Make sure you try Cou-cou and Flying Fish, the national dish of Barbados, which is made with cornmeal grain and fresh okra, accompanied by savoury stewed flying fish prepared with fresh onion, garlic, thyme, tomatoes, and pepper.
The move comes after four years of development for Cahill Energy Barbados, culminating in full government approval.
The Barbados Chapter is the sixty-fourth ACAMS Chapter worldwide.
Barbados has been a member of CCRIF since its inception in 2007 and has received five previous payouts totaling US$13.5 million.
Seven nights staying at Sandals Royal Barbados in a south seas crystal lagoon club level suite with balcony tranquillity soaking tub room costs from PS2,215 per person.
The Barbados sovereign debt restructuring exposes SFCL to potential investment losses.
Abu Dhabi: Starting July 1, citizens of the UAE will be exempt from pre-entry visa in Barbados, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has announced.
On top of that, Sandals Royal Barbados boasts all the amenities you have come to expect from Sandals Resorts.
Prince Harry celebrated Barbados' 50 years of independence Wednesday.